I knew cosmic break should shut down sooner or later

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I knew cosmic break should shut down sooner or later

Postby Kgolley » February 5th, 2019, 9:07 am

I'm one of Cosmic Break or Cyberstep's big donors since the release of onigiri most GMs already got bored with cosmic break Onigiri is that mmo where we can have humanoids as partners in other words cosmic break exists in Onigiri I been donating money to cosmic break but I basically stopped giving Cyberstep money not amused that another game I worked hard on my humanoids is coming to an end lets be honest Cosmic Break would been an great game if the community wasn't so toxic this is what happens when a community becomes toxic it drives all new players I even showed GMs screenshots of this and they ignored me I told them I foreseen the closure of Cosmic Break the community here too toxic I don't support publishers that can't solve their toxic community problem not only as Cyberstep lost an big donor but that donor has a large base Cosmic Break would been active if I invite my entire base here no I don't support publishers that can't combat racism and ignore . CB community been nothing but by an thorn I seen racist insults in chat but GMs here didn't do anything I am telling the truth here what a disappointment Cyberstep I had high expectations
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