Hello CB family :(

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Hello CB family :(

Postby vIcToRiQuE » November 3rd, 2018, 3:23 am

*clears throats*

I am not sure if there is still someone who can read this post however I am trying to see if someone is still out there.

To start, I have played CB since 2009. I will never forget that day that I bumped into Cyberstep's ad and I got hooked to the game so hard. my Old account was hacked with 2 Eve (Original) and the school Eve, I was able to bounce back and recovered. I meet a lot of friends including my friend until now from Bulgaria and the game really was fun. I was able to login today since I was able to find time because I was able to get a long vacation leave after 5 years of working and playing CB is under my bucket list. However, what I see is only 8 players logged in (which pains me) and those where the guys that I played with before. I am not sure if anyone is still playing the game however I will still login to hoping that the population will be back.

Please if anyone can see this post. PM or DM me I am hoping to play the game again. This game that I played until I got married. The game that gave me a lot of good memories.

P.S. hope the game will recover.
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