3 Way Dagger

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3 Way Dagger

File:3 Way Dagger.png

Equippable by: Land Air -- Support
Equip Stats Weapon Stats
Cost +50 Class: Dagger
HP -- Damage: Ranged Melee(?)
STR -- Force/Power: 25
TEC -1 Ammo/Rate: --
WLK -1 Range: 70
FLY -- Attack Speed: 180
TGH -- Interval/Rate: 1400
Sells to
Shop for: 60 UC
Trade for Tune-Up Points
0 Slots 1 slot 2 slots 3 slots
50 Pts 100 Pts 150 Pts 200 Pts
Obtainable for:
Rt Price: N/A UC Price: N/A


The 3-way dagger is a throwing weapon that does not chain combos. As the name implies, it throws 3 separate daggers forward all at once: one straight in front of you, and two on either side at about 30-degree angles. In battle with other players, its usefulness is debatable, as it is difficult to hit an enemy who moves around a lot with it. However, it is the most useful weapon for fighting the third option boss of the Planet Bastagant Quest: Demonfox Haku. Out of all the weapons, it is most effective against Haku because it does around 600-1000 damage depending the level of the boss and the player's stats, while on a few other forms of the boss it does 100-300(Blue shielded form, it does 0.)


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