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Arcantus is composed of many areas, mostly numbered levels containing a treasure chest with a quest item, and some may or may not include a blue or red gate. These gates lead to different areas with blue tending to be the easier path and red tending to be more difficult. Keys are required to pass through these gates and can be found as drops from defeating boss-like creatures.

Outposts are found every 12 levels, and when arrived at, grant players all accumulated items, experience and UC earned since the last outpost visited. Every outpost contains a yellow gate, which if taken, return the player to Grounds Area and allow the quest to be resumed from the same spot the next time.

There are six unique regions that repeat for the last six sets of levels in the order they appeared in for the first six sets of levels, though the areas in each region may not necessarily be the same or be in the same order.

Quest areas are randomized at every single update. Until the next update, the location of portals and treasure chests, as well as the treasures within the chest will remain constant, so mapping out the areas can save you time and make running through quests quick and efficient.

Currently, the last outpost in Arcantus comes after level 143, and there is no reward for completion.


Players will receive UC for every complete set of treasure found and turned in at the outpost NPC. Players will need to achieve certain rank or party with higher ranked players to unlock higher level treasure sets. Do note that only 10% of the stated value will be rewarded if you repeat previously completed treasure quests. The completion markers will be reset every week/maintenance.

Last Updated 13-2-2014
#TreasureReward (UC)Minimum Rank Required
1Sword, Flashlight1400Ore Hero
2Sword, Coin, Flashlight2100New Hero <3>
3Coin, Bullet, Rod3000New Hero <6>
4Coin, Flashlight, Rod, Wheel4100Iron Hero <9>
5Flashlight, Bullet, Rod, Wheel4500Steel Hero <12>
6Flashlight, Bullet, Compass4600Steel Hero <15>
7Bullet, Rod, Compass5000Chrome Hero <18>
8Coin, Flashlight, Bullet, Rod, Compass6500Titanium Hero <21>
9Coin, Flashlight, Bullet, Wheel, Saucer6800Silver Hero <24>
10Coin, Flashlight, Bullet, Wheel, Music Box6800Silver Hero <27>

Total: 44,800 UC

Arcantus Treasure/Gate Map

Last Updated 13-2-2014
Map Difficulty Area Path Area Path Area Path Area Path Area
[Plains] 000-011Easy000 - Start BFRD.png 001 - Sword BFRD.png 003 - Sword BFRD.png 006 - Wheel BFRD.png 009 - Flashlight
Normal 002 - Coin BURD.png 004 - Rod BFRD.png 007 - Flashlight RD.png 010 - Bullet
Hard 005 - Bullet BU.png 008 - Wheel BU.png 011 - Compass
[Glacier] 012-023Easy012 - Music Box BFRD.png 013 - Sword BFRD.png 015 - Coin BFRD.png 018 - Bullet BFRD.png 021 - Sword
Normal 014 - Wheel BURD.png 016 - Coin BU.png 019 - Bullet BFRD.png 022 - Flashlight
Hard 017 - Rod BURF.png 020 - N/A RF.png 023 - Rod
[Wasteland] 024-035Easy024 - Sword BFRD.png 025 - Flashlight BFRD.png 027 - Bullet BFRD.png 030 - Sword BF.png 033 - Coin
Normal 026 - Flashlight BFRD.png 028 - Rod BFRD.png 031 - Wheel RD.png 034 - Coin
Hard 029 - Wheel BURF.png 032 - Saucer BURF.png 035 - Rod
[Ruins] 036-047Easy036 - ??? BFRD.png 037 - ??? X.png 039 - ??? X.png 042 - ??? X.png 045 - ???
Normal 038 - ??? X.png 040 - ??? X.png 043 - ??? X.png 046 - ???
Hard 041 - ??? X.png 044 - ??? X.png 047 - ???
[Desert] 048-059Easy048 - ??? BFRD.png 049 - ??? X.png 051 - ??? X.png 054 - ??? X.png 057 - ???
Normal 050 - ??? X.png 052 - ??? X.png 055 - ??? X.png 058 - ???
Hard 053 - ??? X.png 056 - ??? X.png 059 - ???
[Volcanoes] 060-071Easy060 - ??? BFRD.png 061 - ??? X.png 063 - ??? X.png 066 - ??? X.png 069 - ???
Normal 062 - ??? X.png 064 - ??? X.png 067 - ??? X.png 070 - ???
Hard 065 - ??? X.png 068 - ??? X.png 071 - ???

Mapping guide

Drop rewards

In addition to the rewards for completing this quest mode, there are also rewards found in the shape of items dropped by the monsters you encounter in this mode. While it is faster to move through the levels quickly, trying to acquire a certain drop reward may encourage you to remain in an area to defeat more monsters. Some rewards merely need to be approached to be added to your inventory, but most require you to approach it until a prompt to right click shows up so you can choose to pick it up. There is currently no limit to the amount of drop rewards you can acquire, but you can only keep the drop rewards once you reach an outpost.

Drop rewards with a pointer are only able to be picked up by the person that triggered the drop. A blue pointer signifies that you can pick it up, while a red means it belongs to another player. Flashing drops can be picked up by anyone, but are about to disappear, requring the player to move quickly.

PowerupsPowerups for your bot dropped by monsters appear as blue (HP bonus), pink (ATK bonus) and green (WB damage + duration bonus) colors. this bonus ends when you lose all your bots or start a new quest, but are retained if you exit temporarily through the yellow exit gates. There is no upper limit for the amount of powerup items you may have. However, the powerup bar (shown above your hp and wonder bar), caps at 59 stacks of powerup (5 stars X 10 + 9 for the last bar). Getting more powerup will not give you 6 stars, or make any visible change to the powerup bar. The powerups will still take effect if taken. (Hp will still increase after the first 59 stacks, etc.)
A powerup found in arcantus
Wonder BitsWonderbits dropped by monsters appear as a yellow box with a flashing "W" on them. Each box contains one random wonderbit, which is described by name when you approach it. A wonderbit must be right-clicked on to be added to your inventory.
A Wonderbit prize found in arcantus
PartsParts for your dropped by monsters appear in the form of a gray box with a flashing blue symbol of a robot face. These parts can be weapons, or parts from the various monster robots in the area, or even accessories to dress your robots with. The contents are visible when you approach them. Parts must be right-clicked on to be added to your inventory.
A part prize found in arcantus
CosmosCosmos fossils dropped by monsters appear in the form of a stone tablet or disc with a glowing colored light in the center, with tablets indicating cosmos for tuning parts and discs for tuning weapons. As with Wonder bits and Parts, the exact type of Cosmos is shown when you aproach, and must be right-clicked to add to your inventory.
A Cosmos prize found in arcantus
Tuneup materialsTuneup materials dropped by monsters appear in the form of open blue crates with dark machine parts piled inside. The exact type of material varies depending on the area and fallen monster it dropped from, but is shown when approached. Tuneup materials must be right-clicked to add them to your inventory.
A Tune Material prize found in arcantus
Dispatch mission discDispatch mission discs dropped by monsters appear in the form of square disc cartridges. The specific disc is shown when approached. Dispatch mission discs must be right-clicked to add them to your inventory.
One of the dispatch mission discs, as found in quest mode
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