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Arena mode is one of the three game modes available in Cosmic Break. In Arena mode you battle in teams of players ranging from 5 vs. 5 to 30 vs. 30 in size. Arena mode is in turn split up into three different types: Union War, Team Fight and Epoch Battle.

Union War

In a Union War battles are fought in preset rooms up to 30 vs. 30 in size. Once the required number of players has entered the room a countdown will begin, when the countdown finishes the game begins. Other players may join an ongoing war as long as the room is not full. You must protect your team's "Power Spot" base whilst destroying the enemy's.

Room Types

The following criteria are the different kinds of styles that a match can be comprised of.

Versus Style

  1. VS _____
      • Your Faction VS 1 of the other Factions.
    • Will always join your faction's team (duh).
    • Players Gain HP boosts for unbalanced teams.
      • Need at least a 2:3 player ratio for HP Boost.
  2. Shuffle
    1. Alpha Team VS Bravo Team
      • WIZ Vs DOS Vs BRD
    2. Teams are not arranged by faction, but other factors.
      • Thereforeif a single faction dominants numbers, they will gain the most CP, no matter which team wins.
    3. Players are shuffled between both teams in 3 match cycles.
    4. No HP bonus for unbalanced teams.
      • Teams are arranged into 1:1 ratio teams (whenever possible) before game begins.
        1. Players are added to team with less players during match.
        2. If teams are even: added based on rank of player, compared to overall rank of both teams.

Team Size

  1. 15 Vs 15
  1. 30 Vs 30
    1. Need at least 1:2 Player
    2. Need at least a 2:3 player ratio for HP Boost.

Team Arrangements

  1. Score Rating
  2. Battle Ratings
  3. New Hero's
    1. Only players with Ore Hero or New Hero, Ranks <0-7>, may join the match.
      • All EXP/UC/Drop rates are increased substantially/by x2 (unconfirmed?).
      • Only 2 rooms of this type.

Game Play

Below will be some tips and tricks to how to play.


  1. Reduce enemies Battle Point (BP) Gauge to 0.
    • Destroy enemy bots.
    • Destroy enemy Power Spot (PS).

In Battle Stuff

While in-game you may notice a host of different things lying around. here is what they do.


Ah, the good ol' Power Spot, provides you with 1 effect with an added bonus:

  • Temporarily receive the Hyper Shot effect.
    1. Hyper Shot Doubles the firing rate of all Main Weapons
    2. Any Bot with Hyper Shot that is under the influence of a repair bit, will have the rate of healing doubled.
  • The most important mantra of Union Wars is usually to stay as a group. Running or flying into enemy territory alone is usually a bad idea unless you are serving as a decoy, as you will usually be surrounded and destroyed. A group is more difficult to repulse and therefore has a higher chance of surviving and destroying enemy robots. This mantra also applies to defending, again for the same reasons.
  • There are occasionally maps where opposing unions have possession of two Power Spots. If this is the case, be ready for a surprise attack on an undefended Power Spot. Enemies will try this tactic.
  • There are also maps where neither union has possession of a Power Spot. In this case, treat the fight as if it were a deathmatch-type battle: Destroy any enemy you see and hold nothing back.
  • You can destroy NPC objects if they appear on the battlefield. Instead of granting an increase in BP, as in Missions, destroying NPC objects will sometimes yield an item to you, which you can use by pressing keys 1-4.
  • Voice commands are much more important in Union Wars; they can be used to issue commands to your allies, notify them of a medic preparing to use his/her Repair Bit, or other generic voice chat.
  • It is not a good idea, if your union is completely dominating the other side, to attempt to storm the enemy's spawning area. As in most shooting-type games, players who have respawned have about 2-3 seconds of complete invincibility. They WILL use this to take down anything that is inside their spawn area, so do not attempt to occupy the enemy spawning area.
  • If you are in possession of a Fire Pillar or a Hurricane Blow item, there is a single rule for each item.
  • When using Fire Pillar, the flame bursts out in the direction that your body is facing. If there are allies in your flame's path, it WILL burn them and cause damage. Doing this can result in a potential team kill(the pillar of fire deals 20-30 damage to any robot caught in its path, as well as the residual damage from Burned status) as well as a lot of cursing and annoyed allies. DO NOT FIRE PILLAR ALLIES!
  • When using a Hurricane Blow, remember that allies caught in the item's path will be blown away along with any enemies you strike. Unless this is used as a diversion tactic or a backside attack, hurricaning allies toward enemies will usually get them killed.

Team Fight

In Team Fights players are able to create their own rooms and choose the rules. Players from any Union can freely form teams with each other and the battles are smaller affairs consisting of 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5 players. You can play with the power spots present in the Union Wars on try out other methods of play such as Capture the Flag. The battle begins when the room leader presses the "Ready" button (F8).

NOTE: Any battles fought in Team Fight do not affect the Union War rankings.

Epoch Battle

File:Epoch Battle Map.png

An Epoch Battle is technically a Union War however it is special in which it fought over a series of related maps. There are two sides to Epoch Battles: The Attacking Union and the Defending Union.

Attacker Role

The job of the attacking Union is to

  • Destroy the enemy Power Spots
  • Destroy as many enemy robots as possible to stop them from defending the Power Spots

Defender Role

The job of the defending Union is to

  • Stop the attackers from destroying any of your Power Spots
  • Kill as many enemy robots as possible to stop them from destroying Power Spots

The Epoch Battles usually take place on large maps with multiple Power Spots. There are usually multiple avenues of attack and defense. Bringing a powerful, well-balanced commando is usually recommended as low level or weaker bots are easily destroyed.

Here is a general overview of Epoch Battling:

  • If you're attacking(on the Epoch menu screen, it clearly tells you whether you're ATTACK or DEFEND), your job is to kill enemy bots and kill enemy Power Spots. The most simple strategy is to sweep the enemy Union from your targeted Power Spot, post guards to warn of approaching enemies, and unload all your weapons on the enemy Power Spot.
  • If you're defending, your job is to defend all of your Power Spots while simultaneously killing as many enemy attackers as possible. It is a good idea to plan and execute ambushes from hidden areas(robots with Stealth System and/or Sniper Sight are great for this) or attack enemy groups from above or from behind.
  • Attackers should ALWAYS make the Power Spots' destruction a priority over chasing after lone, weakened robots or groups. The logic behind this is that enemy robots are usually worth less when destroyed than the Power Spots are. It is alright(sometimes) to act as a decoy, drawing enemies away from the targeted Power Spot, but you should never chase down enemies simply for the kill.
  • Defenders should usually follow the cardinal rule of defense: Defend in groups and don't be afraid to retreat. The logic behind this is that lone defenders are easily swamped and destroyed by large attacking groups or even pairs of attackers. A large defense group, in addition to being less vulnerable to outnumbering, also will dissuade smaller groups or lone kamikaze attackers from attacking your Power Spot. In addition, retreating to save your most powerful bot, taking some time to heal it back to full health, and throwing yourself back into the fray is a much better idea and will help your team a lot more than committing suicide against an unstoppable wave of attackers.
  • Respawn time is usually reduced to zero for Epoch Battles. When you die, you can automatically jump back in(although committing suicide against attackers time after time doesn't help your team, as this loses your union more points).
  • There is usually a short period of time(5 minutes or so) before the actual Epoch Battle commences. If you're new to Epoch Battle, this is an excellent time to seek out veteran Epoch players and ask them how the battle works, the best strategies, etc.
  • Epoch Battles take place at the same time every day. If you are online during those times, it is a good idea to participate and get practice for Epoch Battles. More practice = you learn better strategy and how to survive these gigantic clashes.
  • If you're new to Epoch Battle, whether you received veteran advice or not, you are likely going to come near last place. Don't get angry! You're simply new to the battle(the large number of players in Epoch Battles can also contribute to lag, hindering your effectiveness) and will for a little while. You never learn anything well without failing the first few times.
  • It's a good idea for new Epoch Battlers to hang at the back lines and watch how the front-line veteran players play: how they move, how they attack/defend, the kind of teamwork they exhibit, etc. There is no better way to learn how to play Epoch than watching the pros play it.

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