Boost Gun

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A high-tech gun with an anti-gravity unit. Takes a moment to charge, but can fire a burst of shots in rapid succession.

Boost Gun

File:Boost Gun.png

Equippable by: Land -- Artillery --
Equip Stats Weapon Stats
Cost +160 Class: Accelgun
HP -- Damage: Shell
STR -- Force/Power: 11
TEC -- Ammo/Rate: 450
WLK +1 Range: 210
FLY +3 Attack Speed: 500
TGH -- Interval/Rate: 280
Sells to
Shop for: UC
Trade for Tune-Up Points
0 Slots 1 slot 2 slots 3 slots
N/A Pts N/a Pts  ? Pts N/A Pts
Obtainable for:
Rt Price: 28 UC Price: N/A


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