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Rt Charge Bonus Campaign
Earn bonus Rt, parts, and items for charging large amounts of Rt at once!
Giveaway Code Campaign
Redeem a Giveaway Present Code and receive a free robot!
Login Campaign
Get free items for logging in everyday!
Double Login Campaign
The Login Campaign is now doubled, so players will now receive 2 items each day!
1st Official Fanart Contest!
Winning artworks will be used for CosmicBreak's in-game loading screens! (which currently has CBJPN's 3rd Fanart Contest winning artworks used) January 12th to February 17th (11PM PST)
Union Wars Battle Campaign
Play Union Wars a 100 times and win a cool prize!! You can also win a "Cross Flag BSJ" by getting the same Arena Award a total of 10 times!
Sales Extension
50% OFF sale prices on Shop robots and items, as well as the currently reduced Garapon rates, will all be extended for another month until March 2nd.
Lily Rain EVE Mission Challenge
Complete Lily Rain EVE's story mission EVE Awakens on any difficulty with a score of over 1800 and win a limited edition Lily Rain EVE fan accessory + Deluxe Tune Up Set! The deadline for the challenge is March 2nd.

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