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Custom Cartridges

Your robots will gain experience points from battle. Once enough EXP has built up, a robot will be able to level up and activate a special custom cartridge. Cartridges enable a variety of abilities unavailable to low level robots.

Here is a rundown of general guidelines to choosing a custom cartridge:

  • You only have 10 slots for cartridges(Level 6 and level 9 cartridges require a Limit Remove Item), so choose wisely. Remember, you can't change cartridges unless you use the reset item and reset every cartridge.
  • Enhance Internal Weapon cartridges usually grant some type of bonus to the weapon(s) embedded in the BD core. The bonus can be anything from an increase in uses or ammunition to a force or range increase. It's best to talk to others to find out what the cartridge will do to your robot before taking this cartridge.
  • The Increase Cost Capacity cartridges are ESSENTIAL to every aspect of your robot, from equipping better parts and weaponry to picking new custom cartridges. Not only does it raise your maximum cost, but also it gives your robot a small but permanent HP increase.

In short, you NEED these cartridges.

  • Every custom cartridge(including the increase cost cap cartridges) have a set cost. Unless you're using an Increase Cost Cap cartridge, you will be unable to activate a new custom cartridge if your current cost cap cannot support the added cost.
  • No robot has every custom cartridge. You will have a limited selection of cartridges to choose from. Again, choose wisely.
  • The mobility cartridges(Quick Boost, Short Boost, Float Dash) are often useful for LND and AIR to increase their mobility.
  • Some custom cartridges that have stronger or more beneficial effects, such as Sniper Sight, Stealth System, or Soul Eater, cannot be activated unless you use the required Limit Remove item. These cartridges usually have a Level 6 or 9 requirement but have much stronger effects. For example, Stealth System, which is usually a Level 6 or 9 cartridge only, grants the equipped robot invisibility to radar, including Lock-On radar sighting, except to robots with the cartridge Broad Radar.
  • It is usually better to plan ahead with which cartridges you wish to use. You can then formulate weaponry that will leave enough cost cap to equip those cartridges.
  • It is usually not recommended to use more than two mobility cartridges. Doing so can sometimes deprive the equipped robot of some of the higher-level cartridges. Again, you only have 10 slots for custom cartridges, and only so many effects to choose from. A mix of mobility cartridges and stealth/status reduction and/or special effect cartridges is usually a good idea.

A robot can have a maximum of 10 cartridges(for Lv6 and Lv9 an over-limit item is necessary.), with a cartridge needing to be activated for each level. Cartridges cannot be changed after activation unless a cartridge-reset item is used.

A walk through of activating a cartridge after gaining a level can be found here.

Cartridge Types

Increase Capacity

To increase the maximum cost a robot can handle. Essential to equipping better weapons, parts, and custom cartridges.

Raise cost capacity +xx (COST yy) : Raises robot’s cost capacity by (xx - yy) and HP by zz.

Strengthen Internal Weapons

To increase the performance of permanent internal weapons.

Enhance internal weapon (COST 30~50): Enhances the core’s built-in weapon.

  • The effects of this cartridge vary from robot to robot. Ask around to see what this cartridge does to your robot.


Reduces damage from certain types of attacks. You will never be able to get a cartridge that guards against your robot's natural weakness, i.e an AIR type robot will never have the cartridge Blast Guard.

Shell Guard (COST L20 A30 Ar20 S20): Decreases damage from bullet type projectiles by 10%.

Beam Guard (COST A20 Ar15 S30): Decrease damage from beam type projectiles by 25%.

Sword Guard (COST L20 A15 S30): Decrease damage from melee attacks by 30%.

Blast Guard (COST L15 Ar20 S30): Decrease damage from explosive projectiles by 50%.

Special Guard

Reduces or negates the effects of certain statuses or grants special effects if you are afflicted by a certain status.

Anti Burning (COST 20): Allows robot to move normally even when on fire.

Anti Slow (COST 20): Effects of slow traps will be reduced.

Fast Recovery (COST 30): Status effects will only last half as long as usual.

Tough Wonder Bit (COST 20): Raises the HP of your Wonder Bit.

Stun Regain (COST L15 A20 Ar30 S30): Restores a small amount of HP whenever stunned.

Tough Runner (COST 20): Decreases chanced of being stunned when attacked while running.


Grants the user a general increase in mobility, either on land or in the air.

Sway (COST L15 Ar20): Allows you to use the custom dash action “Sway”.

Short Boost (COST L15 A30 Ar20): Allows you to use the custom dash action “Short Boost”. Instead of dashing, you will jump a short distance.

Float Dash (COST L30 A15 Ar20): Allows you to use the custom dash action “Float Dash”. Instead of dashing, you will move by flying close to the ground.

Boost Run (COST 15): Allows you to use the custom dash action “Boost Run”. Uses boost gauge to increase running speed.

Quick Boost (COST 20): Boost gauge will recharge 30% faster.

Quick Jump (COST 30): Allows you to reach maximum altitude quicker.

Quick Land (COST 25): Allows you to make a quicker landing from the air.

Quick Swim (COST L20 S10): Allows you to move quickly through water.

Air Loop (COST 30): Perform a mid-air somersault when dashing while airborne. Can only be equipped by Air. This is a limited-time cartridge that must be bought from the shop or obtained from garapons/cubes. However, this does not count against the maximum number of cartridges a bot can have.

Accele Roll (COST 30): Perform a mid-air speed-boosting barrel roll when dashing while airborne. Can be equipped by all types. This is a limited-time cartridge that must be bought from the shop or obtained from garapons/cubes. However, this does not count against the maximum number of cartridges a bot can have.

Air Run (Sharhead/Pepo Pucci): Uses boost gauge to run off ledges without falling. Innate cartridge, does not count against max number of carts.

Slide Boost (Katalina BG): Performs a mid-air juke to the side when dashing while airborne. Innate cartridge, does not count against max number of carts.


Cartridges that grant unique effects, such as radar invisibility, sniper(lock-on does not alert the target), etc.

Revenge Shot (COST 15): Allows robot to occasionally attack without using up ammo when HP is below 50.

Moving Burst (COST L20 A20 Ar10 S20): Allows you to move for a short period while firing all weapons.

Long Moving Burst (Haruka Langit/Akane Vermill/Flapjack series): Same as above, but with greatly increased moving burst duration.

Soul Eater (COST 40): Restores a small amount of HP whenever you destroy a robot in the Arena.

Wonder Rate Up (COST 30): WB gauge’s increase rate will grow when robot is damaged.

Absorb Bump (COST 15): Robot will not move when bumped into by other robots.

Sniper Sight (COST 20): Enemies will not be alerted when you have locked on to them.

Stealth System (COST L40 A20): Makes robot invisible to enemy radar.

Broad Radar (COST A50 Ar40 S30): Allows robot to view all enemies on radar.

Growing Wonder (COST 40): Your WB gauge will slowly increase automatically.

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