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Although it is necessary for more people to join in order to improve the wiki, an increased number of contributors will act as a double-edged sword if no guidelines are followed. Although more information would be added, it could be added in a haphazard and unsightly manner if not organized. Here is a set of guidelines in order to prevent the system from becoming disorganized.


Uploading images

When uploading a stock image for a bot, please edit out the parts of the image that are outside of the picture area. An example can be seen here. The name of the picture should simply be the name of the bot in order to avoid confusion.

Images of weapons that are uploaded should be like this format, with the file name being the same as the name of the weapon. Please try not to upload any images of bots/weapons that haven't been put in the English version yet since they're official names haven't been confirmed.

Stop uploading images in compressed formats aka jpg. How hard is it to save it with png or gif?

Creating bot pages

If you would like to make a page, look here for the example: Sample Bot page, and visit the Creating a Bot Page to know how to create a new one... When creating a bot page, it should only done in one of two situations. Please try not to create pages for bots that haven't been put in the English version yet since they're official names haven't been confirmed.

1. The bot is original, not a minor variation of the bot.


2. The bot is a variation, but different enough to warrant a new page.

Example: Crimrose and Crimrose.N should have the same page, with Crimrose.N having all its information located on that page.


Putting information on bot/weapon pages

When filling in the information of a bot on its page, please use a template when possible. Here is the weapon template and here is the bot template. If the current template is not suitable for the bot/weapon, either add additional charts or copy and paste the template in order to add extra slots and rows.

Example: The Crimrose page is currently using the generic bot template, please look at the code for information on how to use templates. Beam Machinegun is the only weapon page currently, using a weapon template.

How to use Templates

See as how people (including me) didn't know templates existed, or how to use them, I have decided to have a little guide on how to use each template. Some Important Rules

  • Separate all information with a single "|"
  • Do not skip empty information, as this will result in a shift of data.
    • Use " " or "-", whatever is more approriate.
  • For Specifics on what information to enter, please see the Template's page
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