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Mission mode is one of the three game modes available in Cosmic Break. In Mission mode up to 5 players may team up and fight against enemy NPCs from the Chaos Army.

How to start a mission

To start playing in Mission mode you must either create a room or join one created by someone else, you must be in the Central Area to do so. Press F3 or visit the Mission counter in the Central Area to open up the Mission room list. There are 5 difficulty levels available. When you feel enough players have joined press F8 to start the Mission.


Mission Mission Title Players
Story Gigan Busters 1 - 3
Assault Operation StarCluster 1 - 5
Mini Cacpetus Vacation! 1 - 3
Mini Pepen Rebellion 1 - 3
Story Scarlet Moon 1
Story EVE Awakens! 1
Story The Archer & the Princess 2 - 2
Abyss Lurking Evil 1 - 5
Mini Beach Survival! 2 - 2

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