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Please check the Talk:Plea For Help page for updates and current projects.


ALL are asked to Join the CB WIki Community

To ease the problems caused by a communication issues, and a lack there of, please join the CB Wiki Community so we can better ourselves, and the each other. --Maha

  1. If everyone who is working on the wiki joins, it will make planning mass updates easier.
  2. This will also help with the uniformity of updates among other things.
  3. Most importantly, the inconvenience of checking personal pages on the wiki will be removed since you can set to receive emails from both the wiki community and your community page when there is an update in either place.

If there is any objection to this, post here and I'll remove it and change my community's page back to normal. --Karsi

Our Plea for HELP!!!!!

  • Try these pages first before starting anew: Files or Pages

For anyone who wants to help improve the wiki, read this first.

If you have anything you would like to tell us about the wiki, or information that you would like to give to us. Please inform on of the following people:

-The Founders-

Dedication to those first few...

Maha Vailo IGN:CuChulainn of BRD (Arena Channel 3)

Karsi IGN:Karsing -CB Wiki Community Founder.

KrikenSniper IGN: MetaXSnipe of WIZ (Wizdom Area of Channel 1) -Updates: Robot parts, and weapons.

-The Helpers-

A thank you to those who help out

  • Jack24303 IGN: Jack24303 of BRD <- is slowly trying to add to the Mission drop list. (Come and join me!)
  • Dusterlock <-is trying to get everything I own in there that hasn't already been filled.
  • FrozenEdge <-is updating the ART section slowly >_>
  • DjKiller89 <-Adding Haku drops to list.
  • Sahal IGN: Sahal <-Images and stats for Air bots.
  • SSkye IGN: SkyeMeir of WIZ <-Whatever
  • Rolen47 <-Thx for helping out with the bot pages.
  • etherlight <-Thx for your constant additions to the Arcantus gates/treasures.
  • clannad462 <-- Updating Hu Lucky Cube and etc.

-The Lurkers-

Those of good hearts, unnamed...

Maha's Statement

I will say this: Join the CB WIki Community, and put it all over the site as MUCH AS NEEDED... until EVERYONE joins... so do so... CB WIki Community

I will probably be doing many layout changes as I gain knowledge on how to use wikicode, but don't expect anything major, as it is all self-taught. So, please be patient with any design change, and let me know if there is anything I screwed up real badly...

If you need help deciding where to start first, try looking at these pages: Files or Pages


Important Notice

With the recent (and much needed) upsurge of people helping out on the wiki, it will be more difficult for communication between us members to occur, so our best form of communication, as of right now, is the CB Wiki Community, soo please join.


  • At the moment, using /friend is pretty useless. So, I have sent a email to cyberstep to ask for a better user interface. (here's praying that they will come through)


  • This is not a game to pick up dates! If you wanna do this kinda shit, then GTFO and make a facebook or something.
  • Therefore, the only reason I suggest we require this info is quite simple: to know what pronouns to use when addressing you. Unless you'd rather have us refer to you as he/she or it, then put "decline to state" or something alone those lines


  • Pretty Self-Explanatory

Clan: (Optional)

  • If you don't have one, please state so as well
  • Meant as a means to Identify you by clan symbols.

Time Zone: (GMT -##:00)

  • Please do it in this format, it is a common standard that people are used to.
  • e.g. (GMT -08:00) PST
  • 3 letter acronym or spelled out if you want

Times active: (Optional)

  • Please note that time active SHOULD be posted by the CB Time Zone of PST (24 hr format)
    • And it's not because I favor MY time zone, but for the simple fact: the games internal clock is in PST. (So just look to that to know what times your timezone translates to in PST)
  • (Optional) Don't know if we should include what days we are active, but I suggest you do as it is better to be safe, than sorry.

Area Covered: (Recommended)

  • What area of the wiki you will most likely be helping edit.
  • Providing this kind of information allows fellow users to see what areas of the Wiki need more people to work on them. So we don't get an upsurge of users dedicated to just one thing. IMO, it is better to have a lot of unfinished or average pages, then only a few really good pages, because they are at least there.
  • If you do not have any certain areas that you predominantly focus on, then just stat a few of the ones you might edit or put.
  • "Misc." for just the small one-page kinda stuff.

Personal Description:

  • This part is optional, so include it or not. But it is advised that you do so, it helps to socially close the gap that the internet creates between people.


  • This is to all other users to contact you until the game designers find a better way for P-2-P messaging. So please check this as often as you can.
  • To help those whose profiles you comment on, please to to follow these guidelines when leaving a message:
    • Only post in their message section
    • Please find a way to section it off your text from the user before (or after you) so we know who said what.
    • Leave a signature with a time stamp at the end of your message, there is an easy button you can press in the toolbar of the, 2nd from the end, that will do that for you automatically.
    • Don't make it TOO long, no one likes reading really long things off a computer screen... T-T

And that is it for now. For those of you have been helping out recently, thank you. If Find any more things that need to be added, I will try to highlight the changes, so check back here periodically.


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