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Quests are composed of players progressing through a series of levels containing treasure chests, an increasingly difficult set of enemies. Players are limited by a set time limit, failure to advance within this time limit will cause the player to fail the quest and lose any gained items. To advance, players must go through gates until they finally arrive at the Boss stage, where they will do battle with a powerful boss character. Unlike other modes, Players can gain "Stack" items which increase either Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Wonder Bit gauge gain rate.


To undertake a quest, go to Grounds Area, there is a gate at the southern end of Central Area, once there, you can either speak to one of the attendants at the Quest Counters or press the F3 Quest hotkey to access the quest menu. You can create a room, use quick entry to join another available open room or resume from a save point in a continuing quest.

Quest Modes

There are currently two quest modes; Unexplored Planet - Arcantus, Battle Planet Bastagant.

  • Unexplored Planet - Arcantus

Players must collect either a red or blue key by defeating the local boss before progressing to the next level, players are given 10 minutes per area. If a player runs out of bots between outposts or runs out of time, they fail.

  • Battle Planet - Bastagant

Players are given 30 minutes to progress to the second outpost, activate the ark (which will require the use of at least 1 collected treasure item), and defeat a Boss. Players are penalized with a time reduction for every bot death.


Main article and gate map: Arcantus

Arcantus is composed of many areas, mostly numbered levels containing a treasure chest with a quest item, and some may or may not include a blue or red gate. These gates lead to different areas with blue tending to be the easier path and red tending to be more difficult. Keys are required to pass through these gates and can be found as drops from defeating boss-like creatures.

Outposts are found every 12 levels, and when arrived at, grant players all accumulated items, experience and UC earned since the last outpost visited. Every outpost contains a yellow gate, which if taken, return the player to Grounds Area and allow the quest to be resumed from the same spot the next time.

There are six unique regions that repeat for the last six sets of levels in the order they appeared in for the first six sets of levels, though the areas in each region may not necessarily be the same or be in the same order.

Quest areas are randomized at every single update. Until the next update, the location of portals and treasure chests, as well as the treasures within the chest will remain constant, so mapping out the areas can save you time and make running through quests quick and efficient.

Currently, the last outpost in Arcantus comes after level 143, and there is no reward for completion.


The Battle Planet Bastagant is structured much like Arcantus. However, there are some key changes:

  • Your whole team has a 30 minute timer in order to get through all areas and defeat the boss at the end of the level.
  • Keys are automatically distributed to the player(s) for whatever gates may be in that specific area.
  • Treasures contain "memories" that are necessary to spawn higher difficulty bosses.
  • There are only two outposts - the one that your team starts in, and one before the boss area.

General Tips

  • Due to the large HP bar of the boss, no one bot can hold enough ammo to extinguish the boss and respawning is a must
  • Bit Gauges charge up with relative ease, the propeller bit is recommended for prolonging the air-time of air units
  • There is a brief period during the summoning and unsummoning of your Wonder Bit in which you are invulnerable. You can use this to escape an attack that you may otherwise be unable to dodge.
  • It is better to start off with a robot that can move quickly through the areas up until the boss outpost. Fighting the creatures in these areas has very little benefit, as the time can be better spent fighting the boss.


The player begins in a large multi-section area populated with destructible items and minor enemies, upon movement towards the center of the south-western arena, the boss will spawn. Berzelius is a large bee boss with several dozens of thousands of hit points, it will perform a preset pattern of powerful attacks against the player(s). After losing an amount of health, Berzelius will occasionally fly off to another area of the map, forcing the players to give chase through certain tunnels in order to reach his location. Including the area where he initially spawns, there are five areas where Berzelius can be stationed, and he will sometimes use different attack patterns depending on where he is being fought. These attacks include:

  • Spewing beams from his mouth
  • An aerial dash
  • Summoning bees to harass the player(s) with either gunfire or missiles
  • A ground-based shockwave
  • A carpet bombing
  • Summoning bees to fire rotating lasers in front of Berzelius


  • When Berzelius flies off to different areas, make sure your whole team knows which tunnel to travel through in order to reach him as fast as possible.
  • Blaster weapons such as Omega Blaster are particularly effective on Berzelius, the further away the target, the larger the maximum number of beams are allowed to damage to target, due to his size, a player can hit the maximum 9 beams while at a distance doing large amounts of damage.
  • During the first stage, Players can stand directly under the boss to avoid his mouth-beam attacks.


The fight begins with the boss looming overhead, but it soon breaks up into a large amount of pieces, all becoming enemies that come at you with beam and tackle attacks. These fragments will have approximately X/3 of a red health bar, where X is the regeneration level. After defeating the fragments, you then face the following challenges in no particular order:

  • Giant disks with blasters that must be destroyed at the same time, or else they regenerate (2 in 1-star, 4 in 2-star, 5 in 3-star)
  • Slow-flying creatures that are powered up with invincibility by a number of generators around the arena (more generators in higher regeneration levels). They use tackle attacks and can also shock you while they are still invulnerable.
  • Quick-flying creatures that fire a downward laser beam
  • Slow-moving creatures that project a shield in front of them (not found in 1-star). The shields can shock you in 3-star.
  • An assortment of enemies that alternate their invulnerability (3-star only).

After destroying all of the preceding enemies, the real boss respawns at the top of the stage, and a series of platforms is created in a ring around the boss, along with stairs up to the boss starting on each side of the stage. At first, Fractulus will attack by raining down beam fire as well as launching beam shots that first fire outward and then curve once toward a target. After some time, it will turn on his side and begin firing a laser from the main body in one direction. It will then sweep across the ring of platforms in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. After some amount of time, it may charge up certain panels of the ring or stairs and have them explode, heavily damaging or destroying whatever robots may come near them.

At certain levels of health, Fractulus will engage a shield that makes it immune to damage, and the generators powering it must be destroyed. After those are down, the shield goes down, and Fractulus moves into its sweeping laser form. Higher levels of regeneration may have more of these stages, and the laser will extend both in front of and behind Fractulus. Fractulus will also send out large balls of Slow that home in on a target and slow all robots caught in its explosive radius.


  • When fighting the small enemies on this map, they will drop powerups for health, attack, and your Wonder Bit. Pick these up if at all possible.
  • Coordinate with your teammates on who is going to attack what generator. The generators are weak enough that one robot should be able to destroy them in a few seconds, so devoting more than one or two robots to each one will cost your team time.
  • The activation and deactivation of your Wonder Bit can make you invulnerable to incoming balls of Slow on the later levels. They can not render you invulnerable for a long enough period that you can activate and deactivate them through Fractulus' sweeping laser and come out alive.


First, you absolutely must set up at least two of your bots for fighting him. Anything you use in Arena or Mission or even the other boss quests is not going to cut it. Haku, unlike basically everything else in the game, takes insane damage from melee and little from guns. In particular, you can easily deal in excess of 600 damage per hit on bots with no STR to speak of for all of 600 UC.

This is the first thing you must have. Go to the shop, and buy a pair of 3-way daggers. They are, hands down, the absolute strongest weapon currently available for fighting Haku. (When garapon is added back, get combo daggers if you can. They do even more incredible damage and go off twice instead of once.)

Second, you need a gun. Yes, I said that guns are worthless on Haku. They are. Mostly. He does, however, have two forms that are not weak to melee, and both of them are difficult to use melee on anyways. Thus, guns. The right gun will outdamage your 3-way (counting in positioning time) on these forms. I recommend the strongest shotgun or blaster you can get. If you aren't comfortable with them, pick something else with good ammo capacity and high dps. Remember, you should not be missing with any of your bullets, so accuracy is not a factor here.

Third, I recommend you have a strong melee weapon that is NOT 3-ways. This will have one purpose and one purpose only. The fourth form has a shield that makes it immune to all guns and 3-way daggers. You do not need to have this, it will drop the shield after it warps, but it will save time.

Fourth, you need two bots to put all this on. The third bot can be anything, you won't ever be deploying it. Haku gives absurd xp on 3*, so you can stick something here for leveling it. Ideally, the bot in question has high mobility, for chasing Haku and dodging. I strongly recommend airs and lands for this, particularly the Jikun bots and Izuna. Both have good built-in weapons that free up a hand-Jikun has a good melee, Izuna a good gun.

At this point, your commando should be plenty capable of fighting Haku efficiently.

Now, for the general rules of boss quests as a whole: 1-Rush to the end outpost. The bonuses from boost items are not large enough to warrant the time it takes to kill the monsters and loot them. 2-Designate treasure grabbers. For two-star, you can get all you need on the blue-gate route. For 3*, someone will need to break off to grab the 5th treasure. This may or may not be on the direct red-gate route, as the maps change each maintenance.

Haku has ten forms. You will fight them all in succession. The first nine act the same regardless of difficulty. During the first nine forms, most of the party will be outside a fence, unable to attack Haku. Those inside must fight him on their own. Occasionally, and after each form, the people inside will be shuffled. Also, there is a good chance to be switched out if you die.

1st form: Spear


Recommend Method of damage:

  • Melee

This form has one attack and one attack only. It will ready its spear, line you up, wait a couple seconds, then lunge at the target. It will almost certainly rip off an arm if it connects, so dodge. After the lunge, its stationary for a few seconds before it readies its spear again. Very simple, the best pattern is usually to throw 3-ways, dodge if needed (if you're out of the way, throw again), then chase it and repeat.

2nd form: Vines


  • Magenta/pink

Recommend Method of damage:

  • Melee

The main threat this form is the two homing rings of vines. They act just like Winberryl's, and bind you. The biggest loss is precious time. He also shoots homing energy balls, but they are a minor threat if you're already on him. This form can be downed very fast, and should not be a major concern.

3rd form: Shell drain


  • Green

Recommend Method of damage:

  • Guns (shell)

This form is not weak to melee. It will both make short spear thrusts and shoot homing green energy balls. Either attack inflicts a brutal shell drain that will rapidly suck your guns dry. This is bad, since with it taking only regular melee damage, guns easily outdamage 3-ways. Shoot it while moving to evade the shell drain, and it will die.

4th form: Shield


  • Blue

Recommend Method of damage:

  • Melee

This form is usually surrounded by a shield, similar to Baltheon's. You cannot hurt it with guns or thrown melee weapons. You must use a direct attack weapon or wait for it to warp and drop the shield. If you are outside its shield, you can be hit by its homing energy shots, so stand inside the bubble to avoid all damage here.

5th form: Gun Variety Show


  • Gray

Recommend Method of damage:

  • Melee

This form only moves around... but it summons a set of five wonder bits in various patterns that fire various types of bullets. They will all fire the same bullet type at any given time. Circle around behind him and let him have it. The rifle shots can tear off arms.

6th form: Shadow Clones


  • Purple

Recommend Method of damage:

  • Melee

This form requires the people outside to take action. Eight pillars will spawn, four each inside and outside. Also, a horde of miniature black hakus appears. Haku will himself split into several clones. The only way to force him back together is to smash all eight pillars. He also occasionally reforms on his own. The clones can both melee and shoot homing shots. NOTE : You can defeat him with just attacking the clones from his splits

7th form: Fire


  • Red

Recommend Method of damage:

  • Guns (shell)

This is the second form that you want to use guns on. His main attack is to create a pillar of fire around himself. If you enter melee range, the two wonder bits will shoot flamethrowers at you.. The burning effect makes him almost impossible to aim at, so melee is not advised. Stand back and shoot. He usually does not approach close enough to require you to back off to dodge the fire pillar. If your positioning is just right, 3-ways CAN hit him from a safe distance, but guns will hit harder (Your gun may be dry from the shell drain however).

8th form: Traps


  • Silver

Recommend Method of damage:

  • Melee

This form has the potential to do more damage to your run than any other. Haku does not attack, at all. Instead, he fills the area, including outside the fence, with traps. These will make him harder to reach for those inside. He will both move and teleport around the arena, so pursue and melee him.

9th form: Nuke


  • Yellow

Recommend Method of damage:

  • Melee


  1. Nuke

A circle explosion with radius equal to half the width of the arena, that is instant death to all robots caught in it. People outside need to move to avoid this. As a rule of thumb, you can NEVER be too far away.

When he looks like the 2nd picture above do one of the following:

  • if he is in a corner, then you can safely sit behind the middle platform and wait for him to nuke.
  • If he is in the middle, HUG A CORNER!!!...

After nuking, he stands still for a few seconds, in which you can run up and melee him. He also takes several seconds before setting off the nuke. It is possible, with two people in the arena, to kill him in the pre-nuke window, IF he appears right next to you. Otherwise, back away, and charge in after nuke.

It is possible to dodge the nuke by summoning or unsummoning your wonder bit, but this is VERY risky. Only try this if you can get off multiple 3-ways before the explosion. Otherwise, the risk is too great.

10th form: Nine-tails

This is the final round, and the entire party will be inside the fence for it. I will be discussing first how he behaves on 3*. He begins by using sword combos. First comes an overhead slash, then a round-swing in the air. The latter will miss you on the ground. Both have start-up delay, and both move him forward. Later, he will have lightning bolts coming down during this to stun you. Move out of the way and bombard him with melee. The second pattern has him warp into a corner and begin casting spells. While he charges up, he can (and should) be meleed. After this though, a whirlwind will blow any attacker to the far corner, at which point you should stand back and fire guns. There are three different spells he can cast in this. The first spell has him fill the air with purple projectiles. These deal moderate damage and zigzag outward. They do not hit along the edges of the fence. The second spell shoots small whirlwinds straight out. This spell is particularly dangerous as the whirlwinds can hit you up into another, and another, and keep you stuck in the air. Finally, he has a volley of homing projectiles, but there's nothing to note about this one. During the whirlwind attack, keep an eye on the sky while you approach. If a large magic circle appears, RUN TO A CORNER IMMEDIATELY. This is a variant on his nuke, detonating in midair, and is instant death. When he warps to cast spells, he will leave behind a group of shadow clones, depending on his HP and the difficulty. Avoid them as best you can, they vanish after he stops casting. Also, at around 50% HP, he will warp to the center platform and prepare his nuke attack. Run to the corners to survive. He only uses this nuke once.

List of Noticeable drops - Kamui Staff - Rainbow Chip - Cosmos : - Blank Staff - Homura Staff - Stardust cannon(rare)


Battle Planet - Bastagant is currently the fastest way to gain exp, offering thousands upon completion, it is recommended that the quest be completed while under the influence of an experience increasing multiplying ticket. Doing Berzelius 1* multiple times is the best boss to gain exp, using a multiplying ticket is even better.

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