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Rank-Up Rewards

Here is a list of the following rewards and overall points needed to get to that level.

Title Level Overall Pts For Next Rank UC/Rt Reward Other Rewards

Ore Hero

File:Ore_Hero.png‎ <0> 10 3,000UC Sword Bit x10
  • Axesword Bit x10
  • Blaster Bit x10

New Hero

File:New_Hero_1.png‎ <1> 50 3,000UC UC+30% Ticket Alpha x1
  • DROP+30% Ticket Alpha x1
  • EXP+30% Ticket Alpha x1
File:New Hero 2.png <2> 150pts 3,000UC
  • Winberrl
  • Wide Beam Gun(0)
File:New Hero 3.png <3> 300pts 3,000UC
  • Metal Slayer(2)
File:New Hero 4.png <4> 500pts 3,000UC
  • Wing Plus AMJ(1)
  • UC+30% Ticket Beta
  • EXP+30% Ticket Beta
  • Drop+30% Ticket Beta
File:New Hero 5.png <5> 800pts 3,000UC
  • EXP+30% Ticket Beta
File:New Hero 6.png <6> 1,300pts 3,000UC
  • EXP+30% Ticket Beta
File:New Hero 7.png <7> 2,000pts 3,000UC
  • Prop BSJ(1)
  • Drop+30% Ticket Beta

Iron Hero

File:Iron Hero 8.png <8> 3,000pts 5,000UC
  • Jikun Long
  • [A1] Challenge Cube ALPHA
  • UC+30% Ticket Beta
File:Iron Hero 9.png <9> 4,200pts 5,000UC Proto Cosmos ALPHA x1*Engine Shaft x5*Howitzer AMJ(1)
File:Iron Hero 10.png <10> 5,400pts 5,000UC Proto Cosmos ALPHA x1, Turbo Charger x5
File:Iron Hero 11.png <11> 7,200pts 5,000UC Power Amp x5, UC+30% Ticket Beta, EXP+30% Ticket Beta, Drop+30% Ticket Beta

Steel Hero

File:Steel hero 12.png <12> 9,000pts 7,000UC, 5Rt Proto Cosmos ALPHA x1, Stabilizer x5, Wing Plus AMJ(1)
File:Steel hero 13.png <13> 11,000pts 7,000 UC Proto Cosmos ALPHA x1, Brake Damper x5
File:Steel hero 14.png <14> 13,200pts 7,000 UC, 5Rt Ones Cosmos x2, Strike Metal x4, 3-way Dagger(3)
File:Steel hero 15.png <15> 15,700pts 7,000 UC Ones Cosmos x1, Rapid Crystal x5, UC+30% Ticket Beta x1, EXP+30% Ticket Beta x1, Drop+30% Ticket Beta x1

Chrome Hero

File:Chromium_Hero_16.png <16> 18,500pts 10,000UC, 5Rt Ones Cosmos x1, Drum Magazine x4
File:Chromium_Hero_17.png <17> 22,000pts 12,000UC Fudara Cosmos x1, Engine Shaft x9, Green Chip x10, Snail Liquid x7
File:Chromium_Hero_18.png <18> 26,000pts 12,000UC Fudara Cosmos x1, Turbo Charger x9, Yellow Chip x10, Drum Magazine x7
File:Chromium_Hero_19.png <19> 31,000pts 12,000UC Fudara Cosmos x1, Power amp x9, Blue Chip x10, Shock Graphite x7, Broadsword(3)

Titanium Hero

File:Titanium_hero_20.png <20> 37,000pts 15,000UC, 10Rt Fudara Cosmos, Stabilizer x9, Red Chip x10, Guide Circuit x7
File:Titanium_hero_21.png <21> 44,000pts 15,000UC Fudara Cosmos, Brake Damper x9, Green Chip x10, Hard Plate x7, Viper Shield(3)
File:Titanium_hero_22.png <22> 44,000pts 15,000UC Threede Cosmos, Scope Lens x7, Volcano Grenade(2)
File:Titanium_hero_23.png <23> 52,000pts 15,000UC Fourda Cosmos, Hulk Meteorite x7, Broadsword(3)

Silver Hero

File:Silver_Hero_24.png <24> 61,000pts 20,000UC Blue Chip x4, Yellow Chip x4, Red Chip x4, Green Chip x4
File:Silver_Hero_25.png <25> 71,000pts 20,000UC Blue Chip x10, Yellow Chip x10, UC+30% Ticket Alpha, Drop+30% Ticket Alpha
File:Silver_Hero_26.png <26> 84,000pts 20,000UC Black Chip x10, Rainbow Chip x4, Armor Breaker(3)
File:Silver_Hero_27.png <27> 100,000pts 20,000UC Rainbow Chips x5, Black Chips x10, Armor Breaker(3)

Gold Hero

File:Gold_Hero_28.png <28> 120,000pts UC [Ro]Lucky Cube ALPHA x1
File:Gold_Hero_29.png <29> 145,000pts 25,000UC UC+30% Ticket Beta, EXP+30% Ticket Beta, Drop+30% Ticket Beta
File:Gold_Hero_30.png <30> 175,000pts 25,000UC Midori Cosmos x3, Ones Cosmos x3, Strike Metal x7, Beam Machinegun(2)
File:Gold_Hero_31.png <31> 210,000pts 25,000UC Plasma Gun(3), Twode Cosmos x3, Threede Cosmos x3, Rapid Crystal x7

Platinum Hero

File:Platinum_hero_32.png‎ <32> 250,000pts 50,000UC Black Chip x10, Rainbow Chip x10, [Ro]Lucky Cube ALPHA x1
File:Platinum_hero_33.png‎ <33> 295,000pts 50,000UC Buckler(2), UC+30% Ticket Beta, EXP+30% Ticket Beta, Drop+30% Ticket Beta
File:Platinum_hero_34.png‎ <34> 345,000pts 50,000UC Fourda Cosmos x1, Yoguru Cosmos x1
File:Platinum_hero_35.png‎ <35> 400,000pts 50,000UC Miracle Ammonite x5, Shining Feather x5

Cosmic Hero

File:Cosmic_Hero_36.png‎ <36> 460,000pts 70,000UC [Ro]Lucky Cube ALPHA x1, Omega Blaster(3), Negatron Rifle(3), Proton Laser(3)
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