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  • Younger sister and resident acrobat of the Lop Magicians Troop. Has great agility, allowing her to charm the audience, and protect them from the antics of her rambunctious older sister.



Renny Lop
Image:Renny Lop.png
Type Land
Size Small
Cost 715
Capacity 800
Hit Points 325
Strength 7
Technique 20
Walking 19
Flying 11
Toughness 11
Wonder Bit Automatic Gun Bit
Obtainable fromI really hate how it doesnt keep my space.
Shop: 299 Rt I really hate how it doesnt keep my space.
Lop-Gara 1: Gold Prize I really hate how it doesnt keep my space.
Beginner New Year's Gara Gold Prize


Part Name Image Size Type Price Cost Notes
Renny Lop BD Renny Lop BD S Lnd -- +440 Sub: Mode Change
Renny Lop HD Renny Lop HD M Lnd -- - @2-BD
Renny Lop LG Renny Lop LG S Lnd -- +135 @2-BD, Sub: Rabbit Kick
Renny Lop BS Renny Lop BS SS Lnd 30Rt +20 @2-LG
Renny Lop BS2 Renny Lop BS2 SS Lnd -- - @2-LG
Renny Lop BS3 Renny Lop BS3 SS Lnd -- - @2-LG
Renny Lop AM .png S Lnd 50Rt +60 @2-BD, x2, Main: Hand Mag

Built in Weapons

Class Name Force Ammo Range Speed Int. Special Notes
Sub Mode Change 0 - 10 10 900 Swaps STR & TEC
Sub Rabbit Kick 35 - 50 80 2000
Main Hand Mag 11 260 185 310 540 x2

Custom Cartridge

Name LVL Cost Description
Cost Capacity +70 (x6) - +25 Raises robots cost capacity by 70 and HP by 11.
Shell Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from bullet type projectiles by 10%.
Sword Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from melee attacks by 25%.
Blast Guard - +15 Decreases Damage from explosive type projectiles by 50%.
Sway - +15 Allows you to pass through other bots if you dash while running.
Short Boost - +15 Instead of dashing, you will jump a short distance.
Quick Jump - +30 Allows you to reach maximum altitude quicker.
Boost Run 6 +15 Uses boost gauge to increase running speed.
Quick Land 6 +25 Allows You to make a quicker landing from the air.
Wonder Rate Up 6 +30 WB gauge's increase rate will grow when robot is damaged.
Stun Regain 6 +15 Restores a small amount of HP whenever stunned.
Tough Runner 6 +20 Decreases chance of being stunned when attacked while running.
Anti Slow 6 +20 Effects of slow traps will be reduced.
Broad Radar 9 +50 Allows robot to view all enemies on radar.
Moving Burst 9 +20 Allows you to move for awhile while firing all weapons.



Video Demonstration

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