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This page shows the relatives of robots from different home planets, kingdoms and star system.

12 Legendary Folklore Heroes (the rest are yet to be found)

A-44 Dark Space Region

Yamato System / Planet Takao

4 Heavenly Robots

Chronos Union

Lop Magician's Troop

Gemini Binary System

Brickgale Quintet

Planet Frog

Planet Gilauea

Graten Kingdom

Planet Coddle

Anemnah System

Planet Tah Fooy

12 Knights Of The Round Planet (the rest are yet to be found)

Mythical Age

Vanguard Trio

Frodo System

Horize System

Vampyre Star System

Pritzl Kingdom

Planet Hydrangea

Misunagi Air Academy

Golden Tiger And Violet Dragon Alliance

Inventor Rivals

Angel Force


Angel Academy

Eihwaz and Thurisaz

Another Logic's Evolution Moebot

Demon Realm

Moonlight Capital

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