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Introduced during the March 10th, 2011 update, These wonderful cubes awarded in Arena and dropped in Arcantus allow the player get to test their luck by picking from 5 different cubes for a chance of many different prizes.

Things to note:

Lotto cube as a quest drop
  • Weapons come with 2 slots, unless stated otherwise.
  • AC parts can come with or without slots, though slotless is more common.
  • ALL the common tune-up material is available as well (just took too much space to list all them).
  • As of right now, individual parts are NOT obtainable. Only full bots are. (Good for us!).
  • The pool of robots available from this type of cube is based on the robot shop from the Japanese version. Thus there are bots obtainable in SP cubes even though they are or were in a garapon in the NA version (eg. Gawain), because said bots are actually shop bots in the JP version. On the flip side, this also means that whatever garapon bots were added as shop bots in the EN version (eg. Brickgale series, Greinaut, Blaze Baron, etc.) are not obtainable in SP cubes, because they were not in the shop in the JP version.




Wonder Bits





Normal Bits

  • Anti Homing Bit
  • Blaster Bit
  • Burst Fire Bit
  • Dual 3 Way Bit
  • Dual Auto Gun Bit
  • Dual Axe Bit
  • Dual Beam Bit
  • Dual Blaster Bit
  • Dual Lance Bit
  • Dual Laser Bit
  • Dual Machinegun Bit
  • Dual Missile Bit
  • Dual Pepen Bit
  • Dual Rifle Bit
  • Dual Slayer Bit
  • Dual Spike Bit
  • Laser Bit
  • Long Range Unit
  • Mini Burst Fire Bit
  • Mini Long Range Unit
  • Mini Repair Bit
  • Pepen Bit
  • Pillbox Unit
  • Propeller Bit
  • Repair Bit
  • Slayer Bit
  • Sniping Unit
  • Vulcan Unit

Special Bits

  • Camouflage Bit
  • Haku Circle Bit
  • Haku Dummy Bit
  • Berzelius Fly Bit
  • Berzelius Laser Bit
  • Fractulus Pulse Bit
  • Fractulus Laser Bit
  • Teleport Unit
  • Undead Unit

Useful Materials


  • 1 Rt Charge
  • 3 Rt Charge
  • 5 Rt Charge
  • 7 Rt Charge
  • 10 Rt Charge
  • Dropx2 Ticket Alpha
  • EXPx2 Ticket Alpha
  • EXPx2 Ticket Beta
  • Repair Kit 10%
  • Repair Kit 30%
  • Repair Kit 50%
  • Shell Supply 10%
  • Shell Supply 30%
  • Shell Supply 50%
  • Speed Up
  • 3 DAYS Respawn Pass
  • 7 DAYS Respawn Pass
  • 7 DAYS Accele Roll
  • 30 DAYS Accele Roll
  • Guardian Voice "Icy"
  • Guardian Voice "Dracken"
  • Guardian Voice "Lio"
  • UCx2 Ticket Alpha
  • Seraph Promotion
  • Seraph Promotion Br
  • Seraph Promotion R
  • Seraph Promotion S
  • Clan Foundation Badge
  • Cosmo Harmonics ALPHA
  • Cosmo Harmonics BETA
  • Cosmo Harmonics GAMMA
  • Cosmo Regret ALPHA
  • Cosmic Premium Pack
  • Slot Protector Omega
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