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General Play-styles

Skill Play

  • Playing based on skills acquired and/or developed during gameplay. This style doesn't usually require a specific robot build or any one specific strategy, although both are usually used to develop more specific skills.

Think Play

  • Playing based on a specific strategy or game plan on which one hopes to confuse the enemy. A specific strategy usually requires dedicated bot builds and skills; a more general strategy requires skill but can use more varied bot builds.

Build Play

  • Playing based on the way one made one's commando, specifically playing to each robot's individual strengths. This usually requires a lot of familiarity with the robots in question and skills specific to the robot's general type.

So far, playing Cosmic Break, I've picked up some basic tricks and common knowledge and I'm sure everyone else has too. I think we may as well discuss some of our tactics for future reference.

(May find this useful, feel free to add comments and your own tactics)

Item tactics: Barrier Offense - Planting barriers directly in front of the enemy beacon will force them away from their defend point. Whirlwind Cliff Push - Artillery is always on high places such as cliffs. Air units can land behind them and push them off for the Jikun players to attack. Same tactic is useful when using bot summon. Beacon Trap - Where's the worse place to find a trap? In a place where most people gather of course. Place skull traps directly underneath the enemy beacon. Whether or not the speed shooting buff is worth the trap effects is up to them. Works with fire pillar as well. Wonder Pill - Obviously, the best tactic for these is to give them to support units.

(I'm just talking to myself at this point, you don't need to read this part)

Bots: I've noticed the main difference when piloting bots is their size differences- (This is my opinion based on my playstyle) Small bots are highly maneuverable and unmatched in speed, unfortunately I don't use them that often due to their low defenses in the mid/front lines with the exception of Jikun. Large bots are heavy in defenses but have very sluggish movement exceptional for artillery due to their powerful long range impalement as long as they have air support. Just like the baby bear, I think Medium is "just right."

I run my Air and Artillery in medium size: I would go in a battle with Crimrose and Izuna Kamui, and I'd always survive with Izuna due to superior firepower and larger health and defense. I'll use Maril March as artillery for heavy defense, but not too heavy that it would take 5 minutes to get to a good sniper position (time is of the essence).. Jikun Long is last in my line. I normally wouldn't choose a small bot, but the speed is vital for rushing in the front lines, I have her equipped with 2 shields and I'll only use her if I have good items, such as barrier, fire pillars, or trap skulls. Using medium characters may also increase the chances of dealing with characters that have advantages, for example: Instead of running away from a 1 on 1 air vs artillery fight, I can still win when I use air when played carefully.

2010 12-21 04:49


  • I played Izuna 1 on 1 and won against a Destructor CN when equipping a slayer bit for my WB and dying as a consequence but won. Melee WBs are incredibly useful to counter ur opposition type. I survived my Destructor CN 1 on 1 to a Jikun Long by using a slayer bit even though my Destructor CN was also dying in the end, my Shino Exroad won against Izuna 1 on 1 by using dual slayer bit. Just keep close to 'em while dodging and your WB will do the rest.

2010 12-21 07:59


  • In King's Coliseum and Temple Site stages, you can use Hurricane Blast to blow enemies to the pits. It requires some precision and/or accuracy though. The pits are small in King Coliseum and enemies might land on the floating platforms in Temple Site. And you can also blow allies too, so be careful.
  • In tunnels or any narrow spaces, Fire Pillar and Hurricane Blast are pretty much unavoidable. The only problem is if it's infested with ARTs unloading their entire arsenal at your direction. Again watch for allies.
  • The same also applies for berrls binding or pulling you. You can even use Hipporoids. Though, you're most likely being bombarded by his allies, so he still wins.
  • In most stages, there are alternate paths that are rarely used (at least at the start). Just saying. On a similar note, people rarely expect anything from behind at the start.
  • As someone mentioned during the Beta, "don't heal at the PS". Though, that was during the time when there were sneaky Ivises attacking and killing SUP from behind. But when you're at the point that enemies are just in front of your PS, chances are, you'll get shot down if you aren't moving, and if you're moving you can heal anyone. Of course, if you are on the offense side in that situation, it doesn't matter (for now at least).
  • Using traps on enemy's "sniping positions" and narrow-paths-where-they'd-pass-through-anyway also work. Useful for me, since I usually use those spots (sniping pos.) as my perch.
  • Seemingly, every ledge within the map boundaries seem accessible (no matter how high it is). And some ledges seem to have a "safe spot" wherein almost all weps fired from below won't reach you, making them good sniping positions. Those are only accessible to AIRs. Also, from what I know, the only AIRs that can reach them quickly are Izuna, and those with Tengu BS or Brickgale BS (since they instantly put you at the max altitude you can reach from your elevation) and maybe those Shaden BS as well (I wasn't able to get it before, so I wouldn't know).
   The extra damage (due to bot type) received only matters when it hits. You can take out practically any bot using any bot with any set up so long as you manage to dodge as many attacks as possible. But yeah melee WBs are good as they can stagger bots.

2010 12-22 00:29


   Abolla's Arsenal of Assault:
   1. Rambo
   2. Rambo
   3. Spam distracting messages
   4. Rambo some more.
   This game, for the most part is about common sense. As long as as you have that, feel free to be the next Sylvester Stalone.

2010 12-22 12:04


  • Izuna's a really awesome robot to start learning the ways of how the AIRs should behave battle-wise...
  • Actually AIRs are best suited for hit-and-run or attacking from hard-to-hit angles using their sub-weapons, thats WHY I say Thoarla Nimbus and Izuna are probably some of the best in their category because they exel in both things
  • ARTs are more here to throw out so many bullets and guided projectiles of all kinds its nearly impossible to dodge all of it provoking the target to panic and forget about what is in the neiborhood and try to focus on dodging
  • LNDs are the frontliners, they can pack a high and lasting speed while still having very varied polyvalent weapons and usually tend to be a little heavy on the TGH to prevent the stun and have usually plenty of HP as well as very mobile melee attacks that makes them very hard to fight in close quarter battles espescially when the player manage to sneak from cover to cover for him to hit some dude's butt with some highly mobile melee attacks, in this the LND types play the AIR types's game but in another way by closing the distance and go "through" its ennemy multiple times in a row, this causes the player to be confused and instinctly try to back off in order to be able of locking on the threat....
  • As for supports I'm yet to have understand its fighting behavior....BUT I think it mainly relies on zerging peoples over by helping without exposing itself more han needed...

2010 12-22 13:08


   *They will rage and want to kill you. Especially if they run to get repair items and you kill them because you are retarded.
   *Run to the enemy base and drop it there, when there are many enemies for it to hit.
   Yes, you can use it to push Allies but only do so to:
   *Push weak Allies away from bots that will likely kill them (IE: Push away a Destructor with 1/2 or less health that a Jikun is running towards)
   *DO NOT push them into pits.
   *Give slow allies a push forward into the Enemy's side... but only if the have the Health and weaponry to do so, otherwise you are doing your team wrong.

2010 12-22 13:08

    • AIR units should stick with staying in the air as much as possible. Walking while AIR usually leads to a swift death.
  • Try to keep from taking on ART all by yourself. You will most likely be destroyed.
  • Go for weapons with high accuracy when flying, as high speeds make it hard to land shots.

    • LND should be the front liners.
  • Keeping a couple LND near the ART line when the enemy is starting to break through is a good idea.
  • When fighting ANY unit other than AIR, remember that what goes up must come down eventually. In other words, if they're flying around above you, dodge their shots and wait for their boost to run out.

    • ART should to stay in the back. They are extremely vulnerable to the meleeing LND types.
  • Long-range homing weapons are perfect for keeping the AIR units busy dodging, instead of hitting your LND forces.
  • Try not to equip melee weapons. If they are that close, you should get away.
  • Good ART units know how to take the high ground. No matter how small of an elevation change, it will help.
  • Again, stay away from the front.

    • SUP can go anywhere, they're well rounded units. However, they are also not strong with anything, so use at own discretion. It will be a great help to your team to equip a medic bit, and keep an eye out for anyone requesting repairs.
  • Healing goes faster in a power spot.
  • If you're healing your team, beware of LND units seeing you and charging your position.

  • General: The most important for any team is to STICK TOGETHER. However, being a decoy for your team is okay, though not too often.
    • During Epoch matches, pick a good leader to direct the forces, then have everyone stop spamming the air waves unless it's "low on ammo," or "need a medic."
  • Don't be afraid to pull back to lick your wounds and regroup. Kamikaze tactics rarely work.
  • These are all basics, and can be changed and built upon, if done right.

2010 12-22 20:48


  • When going behind enemies (to bombard the PS or attack them from behind), always have an escape route planned out, unless you intend to hold out the camping and respawning enemy bots (which you shouldn't do unless the situation really demands it). Also, when you're getting targetted and hit a lot, use that escape route, regardless of your HP. It's easy to lose a huge chunk of it.
  • Don't push allies around. I've seen people pushing (intentional or accidental) others, including me, while I'm repairing them. Likewise, when using AIRs, don't bump into other allied AIR bots. Chances are one of you will get an altitude reduction.
  • Not sure if this is already known. Interestingly enough in Tiling Float, you can shoot through the tiles in you're under it. Too bad it's so high up...
  • In addition to what #6 said about AIRs, don't fight in enclosed spaces using them. They basically limit what the AIRs do best. Also, avoid fighting ARTs with those red homing missile (I think it's from the AMJ). They're pretty hard to dodge while flying and hit hard. And watch your boost and where you land.
   About what you said about LNDs. If the enemy AIR is smart enough, he'll watch his boost and pick a high ledge to land on, so you're actually better off retreating to your ART buddies vs. them.

    • Hello! My name is Redux, and I humbly welcome you to this incredibly fun, yet flawed game. Some of you might know me, while others have not. Many of you are new to the scene of Cosmicbreak, its features, and vice versa. That's why I'm here to help. I'm here to help you do better the arena. In this game, certain mechanics, weapons, and bots perform much better than others for reasons unknown. I will be showing you what the best builds are for starters, how to optimize them, and how to do better. Certain people enjoy hiding their powerful setups in fear of the public discovering them, and I'm here to defeat that. This guide will be broken down to several sections, please use the Find feature to look for something you're interested in. This will be Christmas gift to everyone - the gift of hopefully useful information.

1. The most powerful general cartridges.

In this section, I will be showing you which cartridges are most powerful. From defense to offense, these cartridges will significantly improve your performance in combat. These carts will grant you a chunky advantage over those who do not. I'll start by listing them.

Short boost - An overpowered cart unless the opponent is able to afford mobility tunes. This cart exploits the autoaim mechanic found in the game by manipulating the way autoaim tracks the short booster, thus making it easy to avoid firewhich increases one's dodging abilities. This synergizes best with Land bots, who gain the most X axis while boosting. This can be countered later on which I'll explain, but it takes a lot of effort to negate this.

Air Loop - This cart is an RT exclusive cart which allows one to flip onto elevation normally not reachable for Airs. Useful for dodging, yet can be abused for this mechanic.

Accel Roll - This cart is yet another RT exclusive which allows bots to quickly roll in a specific direction, increasing offensive and defensive capabilities.

Float Dash - A powerful cart. This effectively allows one to move in quick bursts of low altitude flying via the FLY stat. It also scales well as one's fly continues to improve.

Blast Guard - Reduces blast damage by 50%. Explosive weapons are very common in this game, and using this cart allows one to negate a lot of damage.

Beam Guard - Reduces damage by 25% from beam weaponry. Beam weapons are yet another common type of weapon in this game. This cart effectively nets you around ~50 hp per life depending on

Stun Regain - This cart will reduce damage which stuns you from 30%-70% via healing partial damage taken from stunning attacks. That's a chunky amount right there.

Boost Run - Improved mobility especially when you're poor will allow you to move to better positions, etc.

2. The most powerful setups at the moment - 12/25/10

In this section, I will be discussing what bot combinations work best. I will make this relatively simple so people can easily know what parts to use etc. The metagame right now consists of a few unfortunate things. Cyberstep has taken steps to "nerf" certain setups, while creating huge loopholes in the process. For example, a bazooka, which was removed from the game, could still be obtained by an exploit. This exploit requires you to buy a Steel Rider, who comes with a bazooka upon purchase. I will be elaborating more on this as the guide goes forth.

The most powerful weapon/bot/cartridge combos right now are:

Shino Exroad or Red Squealer equipped with Bazookas or Eight Vulcans, comboed with the cartridges Short Boost, Quick Land, Boost Run, and Stun Regain. Abusing the short boost mechanic allows you to dodge efficiently while dishing out huge damage in the process with these easily abused weapons. The handy bazooka would need to be farmed via questing due to Cyberstep removing it from the shop.

Misty Hollow with 2 internal core upgrades and short boost. This bot setup is relatively barebones, giving you some room for your own preferences. This setup allows you to abuse Misty's core, grantly you invulnerability from non melee weapons while retaining mobility. Weapons would include, handy bazooka, mini bazooka, and assault rifles.

Jikun Hu/Long Legs with a latency of 450+ MS. This basically abuses the poor netcoding of CB and allows "laggers" to dish out damage while dodging hits which would normally hit them.

Crescent Saint with Frau Legs and/or Slash Blade, plus Crimrose AM3. This air melee setup allows one to dish out continuous melee damage while retaining the mobility of an air bot. The combos chain for a very long time, causing stunlocks and heavy damage to the victim.

Lily Rain/Majalis with Blast Bazooka, Handy bazooka, Mini bazooka, Moving Burst, and Float Dash. The ease of aiming with blast bazookas along with her easy to aim core weapon, will make dishing out damage very easy. Be sure to stay mobile, as it's her selling point.

Froglander/Turtlebacker/Pawnager/LazFlamme with Short boost, Handy Bazookas, Assault Rifle. Formally known as "zombies", these bots are relatively low cost, yet high performance due to the added mechanic of short boost. Pawn/Laz also has quick jump and quick land, which synergizes better with short boost.

Destructor, Destructor CN with Large Bazooka or Ballistic Launcher, along with Short boost, Blast Guard, Beam Guard, and Stun Regain. Powerful, cheap L bots, while retaining a powerful, easy to use core weapon. Large bazookas are only found via questing, so it won't be as easy setup. Ballistic Launchers are found as a random reward only in Epoch Battles. Short boost isn't used for dodging in this case. Instead, it is more used as elevation for a cleaner shot vs air because Arts do not obtain as much X axis compared to Land bots to make it openly broken.

If you would like me to spoil all of the powerful combinations, I will be adding them in another post when I've more free time.

3. Air.

You might be wondering why I haven't mentioned many air builds in the previous section. That is because airs do not have many powerful weapon/bot combinations as of 12/25/10. Do not be deceived however. Airs are the most commonplace in the metagame in JP Cosmicbreak, however, they require heavy investment to perform powerfully. The performance of an air type greatly varies depending on the map; From stupidly powerful in maps such as Sunset City to borderline useless in other maps such as Dusty Cave. The performance of an air bot is dependent on abusing higher elevation to flank your foes. I will be updating this section as more content comes out.

Note: It is suggested that all airs get either Air Roll or Accel Roll. It will greatly increase survivability in the battlefield.

Large airs with stardust cannons, specifically Gwyain and Zeta Sion. This weapon is generally the only reason why it is worth going as an L bot. S/M sized bots generally easily outperform their larger counterparts due to having a smaller hitbox/less cost, while having similar weaponry. The power of a stardust cannon is high enough to put pressure on lands. However, the short boost mechanic will make that a challenge to land hits. It is still impressive damage nonetheless.

Mecha Jetter, Cross Raptor, and Izuna Kamui with Cross Shooters. the cross shooter is an easy to use weapon with great range due to the projectile "living" after its shot at its maximum range. The low cost and high rate of fire makes this weapon easy to use.

Sword Wing/Crimrose with a Plasma gun/Wide Beam Gun and a mini bazooka. The idea of this setup is for cost efficiency so one would not be as penalized when dying. Performance is a bit lower, but so is the cost.

4. Parts

Parts are easily one of the most important parts of the game when it comes to Cosmicbreak, no pun intended. The hitbox of your robot, its asthetics, and stats, are all affected by it. I will be listing the most optimal parts for your robots to perform well on, depending on the type of robot you're aiming for. There are robot parts mentioned that aren't in the game yet, so I'll be spoiling them in advance for people would have a heads up.

For Non Weaponry Based Tec/Walk based Land/Art/Support bots, the best parts are... UC: Dharma Star Arm, Dikaros Arm, Crabberoid or Ace Braver Legs, Victory 1 head [unless you're using a moebot], Ace braver Booster for general use, Shino Exroad booster if you're land, Cyberoid booster if you're Support, and Destructor Booster if you're Art.

RT: Raystag arms [These arms will be mentioned often, as they're simply the best arms for ranged bots in general], Psycho formula Legs, Lazflamme Legs for the extra booster slot, Shino booster slot, Cosmokaiser head.

I'm a bit tired right now and will continue the guide later on, as this isn't even 1/3rd of the guide yet. If you've any questions, feel free to ask. Feedback is appreciated.

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