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Description: Zero types are a recently released bot class. These new characters are the way that CyberStep's use to leave clear that they will unbalance game in favor of RT playes, they are overpowered if used and tunned properly but players with skill can be a similar threat, the rates to obtain one are really low, and have been received with absolute rage from veteran players on both the North America and Japan servers, on November 21 were added 2 ZEROs to the shop and gara, being the first ZERO that would get in Shop and once again CyberStep shows how much they care about money because Shop ZEROs are a big time nerfted version of Gara ones. Currently, there are only two, Resha and Eris. Another two ZERO type were introduce on the 23 August 2012, Tsukikage Momiji and Kougetsu Kagura. 25 October 2012, Eve and Jace were introduce, on 21 November 2013 Alcy Rivette and Vanessa Batros were added on both Gara and Shop.

Name The name of the robot.
HP How much health the robot has.
Cost How much COST is initially used.
Capacity How much extra COST it can hold before becoming OVERCOST (unusable).
STR How much damage the robot can inflict with melee weapons.
TEC How much damage the robot can inflict with ranged weapons.
WLK How fast it can walk and run on the ground.
FLY How long it can boost and how fast it can move during boosting.
TGH How much damage is subtracted per hit and how many hits before stun.
OBTAIN SHOP: Obtained from the shop for a specified price. Parentheses indicate restrictions based on ranks.
GARAPON: Obtained from a Garapon machine at the specified prize level.
DROP: Obtained from a drop.

Size S

Alcy Rivette 770 810 335 13 17 12 25 9 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Cosmos Garapon
Eris 700 870 350 21 5 18 12 14 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Mega Garapon
Eve 800 890 325 16 17 14 15 10 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Eihwaz Garapon
Jace 850 910 350 14 12 15 10 15 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Eihwaz Garapon
Kougetsu Kagura 790 885 350 11 21 14 12 8 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Moon Garapon
Resha 700 870 350 15 17 15 13 10 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Mega Garapon
Tsukikage Momiji 820 915 350 17 12 20 8 9 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Moon Garapon
Tsukuyomi Mikoto 870 880 360 16 17 21 12 12 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Mega Garapon
Vanessa Batros 815 875 340 20 17 18 11 8 -- {{{tag3}}} Gold Cosmos Garapon
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