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  • A newcomer to the battlefield, he seems to have the potential necessary to lead the world into a new age, starting from "zero".



Zero Saber is a S-size Land robot. Its name is derived from the BD internal weapon, Zero Step, which is a teleport that homes him in on his target. Attacks performed with Z-step usually get bonus damage.


Zero Saber
Image:Zero Saber.png
Type Land
Size Small
Cost 620
Capacity 750
Hit Points 310
Strength 17
Technique 15
Walking 16
Flying 13
Toughness 8
Wonder Bit Automatic Gun Bit
Obtainable fromI really hate how it doesnt keep my space.
Shop: 30 Rt I really hate how it doesnt keep my space.
Garapon Unit 03 Silver Prize


Part Name Image Size Type Price Cost Notes
Zero Saber BD Zero Saber BD S Lnd -- +430 Sub: Zero Step
Zero Saber LG Zero Saber LG S All 30Rt +40
Zero Saber HD Zero Saber HD S All 30Rt +35
Zero Saber BS Zero Saber BS S Lnd 30Rt +35
Zero Saber AM Zero Saber AM S All 30Rt +40 X2

Zero Saber BD +200 +10 +9 +11 +10 +5
Zero Saber LG +20 - +1 +2 - +2
Zero Saber HD +20 +2 +2 - - +1
Zero Saber BS +20 +1 +1 +1 +1 -
Zero Saber AM +25 +2 +1 +1 +1 -

Default Weapons

  • Wonder Bit: Automatic Gun
  • Long Sword
  • Auto Gun
  • BD Integral: Zero Step - Teleports the robot right to the nearest enemy before hitting. Attacks that hit after Z-step deal more damage.

Custom Cartridge

Name LVL Cost Description
Cost Capacity +70 (x6) - +25 Raises robots cost capacity by 70 and HP by 12.
Shell Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from bullet type projectiles by 10%.
Sword Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from melee attacks by 25%.
Blast Guard - +15 Decreases Damage from explosive type projectiles by 50%.
Internal Weapon x2 - +30
  • Zero Step 1: +25 Ammo, +10 Range, +10 Speed.
  • Zero Step 2: +25 Ammo, +10 Range, +10 Speed.
Sway - +15 Allows you to pass through other bots if you dash while running.
Short Boost 6 +15 Instead of dashing, you will jump a short distance.
Float Dash 6 +30 Instead of dashing, you will move by flying close to the ground.
Boost Run 6 +15 Uses boost gauge to increase running speed.
Tough Runner 6 +20 Decreases chance of being stunned when attacked while running.
Quick Land 6 +25 Allows You to make a quicker landing from the air.
Soul Eater 9 +40 Restores a small amount of HP whenever you destroy a robot in the Arena.

Tips When Using

-Z-Step is a lethal weapon if Zero Saber is paired up with lethal close combat weapons, such as Metal Slayer or Kamui Staff.



Video Demonstration

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