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Basic Controls

W (move forwards)
S (move backwards)
A (strafe left)
D (strafe right)
Aim and change direction using the mouse.


Press key for the direction you want to dash twice quickly.

W W (dash forwards),
D D (dash right)


Continue holding key after pressing twice to dash.

W W & hold (run forwards),
D D & hold (run right)

Flight (Ascend)

Press the spacebar.
Hold down to continue ascending.


Press movement keys while holding down the spacebar.

Spacebar + W (Fly forwards),
Spacebar + D (Fly right)

Use Item

Items currently held are displayed at the top of the screen.
Press the corresponding number keys to use them.

Drop Item

You may drop unneeded items when you run out of space, or to offer them to other players. To drop an item, hold Tab and press the corresponding number key.

*Items cannot be used/dropped in lobby areas

Video Tutorial (Controls)

Video explaining the basic controls of the game, including movement, flight, combat, camera movement, taking screenshots, etc.